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Embattled Rep. Charles Rangel calls himself “foot soldier” for equality and civil rights – NYPOST.com.

This guy is just getting worse and worse and worse. It’s disgusting that Rangel would start spouting civil rights slogans, and racial animus to try and save his own hide.

I’d be more outraged but by now I’m used to this sort of rhetoric coming from the Congressional Black Caucus and its a sad thing to see. Its talk like this that only further divides the country along racial lines and prevents real progress in terms of racial understanding and unity.


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VENABLE: Texas fights global-warming power grab – Washington Times.

The State of Texas fights against the EPA trying to rewrite legislation where it has no authority. This is what we call fighting the power; David versus Goliath (though David happens to be the 2nd largest state); the outcast versus the bully.

Its clear that the Obama Administration can’t and won’t get the votes necessary to pass Cap and Trade, so the EPA tries to skirt the rules and regulate CO2 through its own volition. Not in Texas. Keep up the fight!

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Parents and TV

My parents don’t ask for much for TV; but dear Lord, must they watch this every day at 6pm?

Yes. It is a giant talking puppet female, voiced by a male. And the best part? People takes this show seriously; as in, the puppet reports on actual news in Puerto Rico.

Some things I’ll never understand about my heritage

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So it seems that I am still alive, but no longer with Blogger. After checking out WordPress I found its setup to be far more intuitive and lets face it, stylish than Blogger.

For the time being though Im still working the kinks in the layout and hopefully will have a more personal header image to post rather than the generic nonsense that they provide for me.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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