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So I just got back from a town hall event hosted by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. I don’t need to tell most of you that he has been a force to be reckoned with ever since his election in 2009. He has been a YouTube sensation with his tough talk and smart retorts at those who would defend the status quo and continue the State’s path toward bankruptcy.

Tonight was no exception! There were at least two people who tried to take on the Governor, and he was more than willing to respond to the challenge…

I managed to get in line for questions. While I was waiting, that was when most of the magic happened. Here is a video of half a teacher’s rant against the Governor for ‘attacking’ teachers. The usual stuff. I’m sorry I only got half of it on video, but it’s still good anyway!

Here’s another where he’s going after a School Board member in my local town. Christie is forced to teach this guy basic market economics.

This last exchange is going to get a lot of attention. This guy claims to be a registered Republican and is I think a municipal worker in a different town. He basically claimed to the Governor about 4 things: municipal aid cuts, state aid cuts, NJ Transit fare hikes, and that the Gov vetoed the tax increase on those making more than $400k a year. A Republican? Riiiiight. Anyway, the guy doesn’t let the Governor respond to his fairly large speech, so in exasperation, Christie beckons him up to the stage and talks to him directly. The video starts at that point:

I’m really sorry about the quality of the photos and videos, all I brought was my blackberry and that’s what I used. I’ll be sure to plan ahead next time! For those wondering, my question I was going to ask the Governor involved illegal immigration.


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