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I’ve always tried to do these events with the rules in my head, but now I’ll just post them for all to see and enjoy. Only a portion of the rules were my idea, as I obtained lots of suggestions from folks on the twitter, so I thank all who contributed! The reason I say this as “First Annual” is because I plan to do more of these drinking games in the future, including the 2012 debates!

*All drinks equal a sip of beer, because with this many rules, taking shots of beer or hard liquor would put us all away before the halfway mark.

*Disclaimer: don’t be stupid, be of legal age to drink and don’t drink and drive. I’m not responsible if you decide to be an idiot. For non-drinkers, there’s always the Bingo Game!

  • Anytime Obama mentions bipartisanship/unity/coming together/civility, take 1
  • If Obama mentions the Tuscon shooting and uses it to advance a political agenda, take 2
  • If it looks like Speaker Boehner is about to cry, take 1 and make an “awww” noise
  • If Speaker Boehner begins to openly weep, take 3 and announce, “you’re my boy, B!”
  • If Obama defends ObamaCare, take 1
  • If Obama actually uses the term “ObamaCare,” chug
  • If Obama mentions the Congressional repeal of ObamaCare, take 2 and toast it with your friends
  • Anytime Obama announces new spending/”investments”, take 1 and #facepalm
  • If someone makes an outburst during the speech, take 4
  • Anytime Obama uses the phrase “Let me be clear…” take 2
  • Anytime Biden nods in agreement, take 1
  • Anytime Obama mentions the “friends on the other side of the aisle” take 1
  • If shirts are handed out prior to the SOTU, take 3 and remove an article of clothing
  • If Obama says “and there are those who would say…” take 1
  • If Obama says “make no mistake…” take 1
  • If Obama mentions “new tone” or “new era” take 2 and slap the person next to you
  • Any mention of immigration reform, take 3 out of Mexican beer or a shot of tequila, then announce your racism to the world for perpetuating stereotypes
  • If the camera points to two members of Congress from different parties sitting together and holding hands, CHUG



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